Get Ready for Mobilize Your Organisation

Social Synaptics is a cloud engineering studio specialised on social and collaborative services for mobile applications.

We craft state-of-art mobile tools to keep you close and updated with your partners, service providers, co-workers and customers.

Get amazing smart mobile applications. Is it not exciting be able to watch your scoreboards on real-time to monitor KPIs on your financial department, research lab, innovation team, just with your mobile or tablet. Receiving real-time notification about any key events of your interest, discuss with peers about it using collaboration boards...

Avoid high-cost IT investment on cluster infrastructure and maintenance and just pay per scale on-demand. We do all complex "behind curtain" tasks for you: release deployments, services tune up, security monitoring, backups, etc. Keeping your away from nerd challenges that we love to deal with.

Standing on the shoulders of giants with the best cloud partners, offering a high-end SLA with 99.995% TIER-4 level service availability: Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Salesforce Platform, Rackspace among others.

Does your org need hybrid cloud architectures in order to expand your existing systems ?

Not a big deal for us ! We design security-oriented integration architectures over strong encrypted VPN to connect with confidence your internal services, databases and intelligence pipelines.

Be involved with our awesome team and be ready to change your mindset like a start-up following the lean principles.

International Headquarters

Epworth House 25 City Road
London EC1Y 1AA

Development Studio

Infanta Mercedes, 20 (28020)
Madrid (Spain)